Airjobb helps companies win in the 21st Century by connecting them to their most precious asset;talented and inspired people. In the digital era, it’s clear that companies don’t achieve greatness because they have better ideas, newer technologies, or more experience. They achieve greatness because they put together teams of innovative people that create and sustain success.

From multinationals to start-ups; winning in today’s business environment is all about the talent you keep. It’s about the people and the doing, not the talking or the theory. 

How It Works

Airjobb provides a location-based platform that helps companies embrace innovation in their recruitment process and build world class teams one new employee at a time. Our digital tools help business leaders showcase their values to talented professionals that seek inspiration from the work they do, and allows job seekers to tell their own stories utilizing familiar digital and multimedia technologies.

Instead of spending precious time navigating disconnected systems, Airjobb allows employers and applicants to focus and engage on the important questions related to mutual passion and purpose.

Why Airjobb

We know that a job isn’t just a source of income. It helps give a person meaning and purpose. But for people to feel truly driven by their work, they must feel authentically connected to values and and culture of their employer. Airjobb works with businesses to present compelling narratives that personally align with the character of the talented people they need to thrive. 

We don’t just help companies find people or people find companies; we help them build meaningful relationships that lead to better decisions about their collective future.

Who We Are

The founders of Airjobb are driven creatives that seek purpose and meaning from their work, and are passionate about giving that same opportunity to others. They belong to a generation that knows what it’s like to be unfulfilled by their jobs, and are inspired to create value and change for the world’s new generation of talents. The founders believe that in the digital era you shouldn’t have to choose between pursuing your livelihood or purpose; you should be able to achieve both.